Hot tubs

Our new home came with a hot tub ready installed.

Sorry, it’s beginning to be an old joke for our first time visitors. ‘Ooh!’ They say before rounding the corner of the potting shed, ‘Lucky you!’ Then they are greeted by this…

hot tub

I take delight in their dismayed faces. Mr Trug rolls his eyes,he’s heard it all before.

Despite the previous owners recommending we keep the tub for at least this season they had no need to convince me. Its the perfect way to store water and so handy for dipping the can straight in for speedy watering of the greenhouse directly next to it. Luckily it is tucked round the back of the potting shed (the old loo) so when it starts to look a bit soupy it isn’t anywhere we like to sit. It has had a scrub since moving in (thanks Mr Trug) as it looked a little like a place for body disposal when we moved in but as long as it gets fresh rainfall top ups it stays relatively clear.

Bang! And the dirt is gone. Almost.

Bang! And the dirt is gone. Almost.

I’ve bought a fine mesh net to try to fashion in to some sort of cover to reduce the midges which like to hatch out in there but haven’t quite worked out how to fix it in place.  Sewing isn’t my forte. Any ideas are very welcome.

It must have come out of the house at one time or other. I’m told the house was upgraded in the past with a bathroom converted out of a bedroom. Its a big bathroom. Although the loo remained outside. The bath is a big heavy enamel type so no doubt it was a hefty beast to get out, down the staircase and in situ in the garden. I love it’s quirkyness as well as practical handiness so it’s staying for now.