We are a Victorian 1850s cottage buried deep in the East Sussex countryside of Blighty. About half an acre is our playground with a more formal garden (I use the term loosely), an orchard with a small area of woodland and a greenhouse requiring some TLC.

This is all at the mercy of me the gardener and my partner who is happy to be pointed in the direction of tree hacking (under strict supervision) and grass mowing (not under strict supervision).

We aren’t really sure what we are doing. Should be interesting!


2 thoughts on “About

  1. You have a fine turn -of-phrase, keep it up. I like your outdoor bath. Maybe a couple of pieces of plywood would serve as a cover, weighted down. Excluding light will reduce greenery in the water. Our cat fell in half full rain butt recently, luckily swiftly saved, but a close thing! I am a transplant from West Kent, quite near you, so enjoy tales from the area. Best, Alex

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    • Hi Alex
      Thank you. Ah, you have sussed where I am hiding out. It’s a pleasure to write about something other than the usual work I do. A nice escape!
      Poor soggy moggy. A good idea re the bath of water. It is now over flowing with the last 12 hours of rainfall so timely for something to cover it.


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