Getting a Garrya Eliptica?

When we moved here there was a fairly nondescript shrub growing at the end of the kitchen extension. Well, the boot room tagged on to the back of the house which was turned in to a kitchen somewhere along the way.

During our first winter we began to get the idea that this shrub has it’s moment of glory during these months. A few tassels appeared but they were few and far between. This dud help me to identify our nondescript shrub as the rather special Garrya Eliptica or the Silk Tassel bush.

Through a little research it was clear this evergreen shrub had been trimmed at completely the wrong time robbing poor old Garrya of it’s moment of glory that season. Early spring is the right time once the catkins are fading, then the new tassels will be produced on this years growth. Reading done I hoped I would be able to get things right this year.

There was definitely a marked increase in the number of tassels developing around the Christmas holiday.


It really is stunning once allowed to do its ‘thing’. This one is pretty much at it’s mature best now at about 12 feet.


Over the coming weeks they really do get increasingly longer.Like little Christmas tree decorations. If you want some cracking tassels make sure you go for the male form. Those are super long!


It has suffered a little scorching on the easterly side as they do need some shelter and storm Doris has taken her toll so if you want one make sure you site it somewhere out of the prevailing wind.

You can see I pruned it completely underneath to get more of a tree effect. Nice and tidy now for some light under planting.  A spectacular shrub in winter it’s always a talking point when gardeners come round.


I heartily recommend one but sadly ours may have to go when the new kitchen extension appears. I’ll be planting a new one though and have seen some beautiful examples grown as small trees.


…  Miss Trug …