Kirpi? Kerpow! Those weeds never stood a chance.

Sometimes you have one of those kitchen tools that eventually gets relegated to the garden. I had such a paring knife which was truly pants in the kitchen but had its moment to shine in the garden. It was my weeder between the pavings extraordinaire! Then I moved house three times in the past year and my beloved weeder has been lost down some imaginary rabbit hole. High and low I have rummaged amongst the pots and boxes but to no avail.

I have been studying one of my holy books. The Complete Gardener by Monty Don and I came across his recommendation to get me one of these here kirpis. Looking it up online revealed it to be the mother of all weeders. Could this be even better than my long lost knife?

Indeed it be! A hook for getting right in there… a serrated blade for decapitating the most determined of weeds…. a hoeing blade for scything off all in its prime. If Lara Croft took up horticulture she would be packing two of these spinning them wildly through the jungle.

Not really before, more during.

Not really before, more during.

After... nice job super kirpi.

After… nice job super kirpi.

All this plus you get to feel a bit good about yourself as they are traditional tools made in India (and they are clearly hand made from sustainable and recycled materials) by the organic trust.

Kirpis rule. Go on, you know you want to.


2 thoughts on “Kirpi? Kerpow! Those weeds never stood a chance.

  1. The loss of tools is a recurring headache for me too. Every now and again I find a rusty pair of secateurs amongst the compost or the smoking handle of something or other in the ashes of the bonfire. I used to stick bright orange tape around stuff but then simply forgot to do so. Time to start again – I’ve lost some beauties. Monty’s book is a good one though in my experience complete it ain’t! (Welcome to WordPress, btw). Dave

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    • Thank you for the welcome kind sir! (Although she gasps at the dissing of the mighty ‘Don’.) ; )
      Fluorescent tape is a good plan however, like you I suspect they would disappear in to the jungle or recent choppings I’ve piled somewhere anyway. I do have my other half who is like a terrier with tools. He can usually find them probably because they are staring me in the face somewhere.
      None have been toasted yet… give me time though.

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