Hello world of mud, bugs and unending ivy…everywhere!

Whichever way you look at it I can’t avoid that feeling that blogging is somewhat Narcissistic. Oh dear, a plant pun already. It doesn’t bode well does it. What I mean is, I’m not that sure that anything I have to say on the topic of gardening is going to be of any particular interest to the world out there. I am no Monty Don in female form. However, having recently taken on a new home with what feels like an enormous garden I felt it might be a small indulgence for me to keep a record of what occurs from this point on.

For privacy reasons our home will remain anonymous but, we are a Victorian 1850s cottage buried deep in East Sussex. About half an acre is our playground with a more formal garden (I use the term loosely), an orchard with a small area of woodland and a greenhouse requiring some TLC.

From a family with generations of committed gardeners I aim to keep the horticulturalists flag flying however no one in recent years has taken on a garden like ours since my Great Grandmother Frances at the turn of the century (the last one but one) ran a small holding in Kent while teaching the local population of infants and generally appearing to be super human in a wool full length skirt! I hope her genes run strong in me somewhere but the look on my mother’s face when first visiting the cottage said it all along with the statement. ‘You’ve got a lot to do.’ Thanks mum. I feel encouraged.

So, without further ado, I post my first blog and add my first photo of the far end of the orchard. As you can see, our first foray in to growing a wild meadow area. More on that to come…

Meadow or a lazy guide to mowing?

Meadow or a lazy guide to mowing?



4 thoughts on “Hello world of mud, bugs and unending ivy…everywhere!

  1. Trust me, it will be useful to blog. We moved over a year ago and I can’t remember if some of the things that popped up this year were there last year. Or which spaces needed filling last summer that I didn’t tackle.

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    • Hi Diana. We moved in during May and decided to leave part of the orchard unmown to see what might appear. We already had lots of fritillary seed heads. The usual suspects appeared- thistles, lots of creeping buttercups, ragwort but we did get a big swathe of ox eye daisies which looked stunning. No orchids yet. We are researching wild flower seed for next year.


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